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Image by Ryan Lange


Ryan Fitzgerald Construction Inc is an agricultural contractor specializing in medical/recreational cannabis. We've built indoor cultivation facilities, grow houses, greenhouses, labs, and processing centers. We can assist with design, new construction, renovations, additions, and repair. RFC's team includes individuals who have worked in medical and recreational states.

Image by Richard T

 RFC manages all aspects of construction projects from beginning to end, including the permitting, licensing, public relations, and operational requirements. We build facilities with:

  • Rolling Benches

  • Environmental Controls & Monitoring

  • Veg/Flower Fertigation Systems

  • Lighting

  • Ethanol Extraction

  • Hydrocarbon Extraction

  • Dry/Cure

  • Good Agricultural Practices

  • Flow Trays & Gutters

  • Cooling Pads

  • Dehumidification/HVAC

  • Irrigation & Fertigation

  • CO2 Enrichment

  • Blackout Curtains

  • CO2 Extraction

  • Solventless Extraction

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

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